What is a TIWAL?

Tiwal 3 is a funky performance inflatable sailing dinghy for friends, family or solo outings from France.

Tiwal brings the sport of sailing within reach of  all of us.
Derived from Divall ( meaning to protect in Old Brittany language), Tiwal is true to its origins.
It’s all about being Safe, Family, Simple, Fun and Fast. You can go as fast or as slow as you’d like.



TIWAL Package


At just under ¥750,000 for a Tiwal sailing starter package,
that includes a 5. 2 square meter North Sails sail
that’s great for variable wind conditions ( 4 to 16 knots- 5 to 28km/h)
it’s a great chance to get out and about on the water,
zipping along with the wind or slowly hugging the coastline.

Unpack, unwind and go!

The Japanese coast is a treasure chest of  coves and grottos
that can only be accessed by water

Yours to discover with Tiwal.


Boat of the Year Award,
Award Winning Design: 2014 Red Dot Winner,
Sailing World 2014 Boat of the Year,
High Quality Assembly:  Assembled in France
with high tech 3D PVC textile hull with drop stitching,
North Sails ,C55 carbon mast, and Harken blocks,
2 bags ( fits in your car and in a closet),
3 person capacity (1 adult + 2 kids or 2 adults up to 190kg ( 418 lbs) maximum load,
10 knots (max speed) = 20kph or 12 mph,
20 minutes to set up,

See diagram ▶︎


Assembled and Designed with love in France.
Sold with love in Japan and around the world!